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  About Us
Tapestry is one of those Flemish traditions which, through last five centuries, has made a rich contribution to the beauty of our heritage.

Gobelins Art is dedicated to this historical heritage. It was established in the very heart of Brussels, right next to the Grand' Place, and is today recognised as the leading and innovative specialist regarding the work of tapestries. Gobelins Art has now evolved in several selling points around Europe, in Nice and Geneva.

We would like you to discover our wide and superb selection of top quality articles originally inspired by the work of artistic genius. This selection includes:
  • Reproductions of the finest old wall tapestries, woven using traditional techniques or entirely handmade.
  • An exclusive and innovative collection of fashionable bags, handbags and other accessories made of the finest tapestries. These articles are inspired by famous masterpieces such as the Claude Monet' "Water Lilies" or Peter Breughel great paintings.
  • A wide range of cushions, rugs, runners and other decorative tapestry articles.

The purpose of this website is to offer you the possibility to discover the world of tapestry, heritage of our rich Flemish history. But more of that, this website also allows you to purchase all our products online through a securised and crypted system of payment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail or by phone if you need any further information about our firm or simply if you would like to receive a complete printed catalogue, available on simple request.

Gobelins Art
Belgian Tapestry

Rue Charles Buls 6 (Grand'Place)

1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Tel +32 2 512 04 94
Fax +32 2 502 52 86
VAT BE 437.147.821

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